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About Me

I’m a student at Brunel University London studying Computer Science- Artificial Intelligence and working as Data Engineer at Eli Lilly & Company.

I thrive on immersing myself in the ever-evolving landscape of computer science, constantly seeking out and sharing knowledge about cutting-edge tools and technologies. My passion lies in harnessing the power of AI and machine learning to drive innovation and solve complex problems.

As the founder of NutriLife, I am committed to leveraging technology to improve lives and make meaningful contributions to society. Whether it’s exploring new concepts or mentoring others, I am deeply driven by the potential of technology to create positive change.

Aawards and Acheivements

“Our Journey begins where limits end….”

I consistently maintain an active presence both inside and outside the classroom, fostering my success and enabling the exploration of my fullest potential. This commitment to engagement has resulted in the achievement of several accolades, further affirming my dedication to personal and academic growth.

Winner of Made In Brunel Software Innovation

My team has been honored with the “Made In Brunel Software Innovation” prize for our project “Farm To Plate,” recognized as the best innovative project of 2023. Our initiative aims to foster an independent and sustainable local supply chain by bridging the gap between farmers and consumers. Throughout the project, I served as the Scrum Master for Sprint-2, where I honed my leadership, decision-making, and teamwork abilities within the Agile framework.

Winner of Ready Program 2022

In just 10 weeks, my team and I developed “Kustawi Zambia,” a project dedicated to fostering sustainable solutions and socioeconomic development for the refugee community of Mayukwayukwa. Our efforts culminated in us becoming Joint-Winners of the Ready Program 2022, triumphing over 60 competing teams. This program enables students to engage with local communities worldwide, addressing real-life challenges towards creating a better world.

Brunel Plus Bronze Award

I have achieved the prestigious Brunel Plus Bronze Award, marking a significant milestone in my journey of personal growth and development. I’ve amassed over 500 Brunel Plus points. This accomplishment reflects not only my dedication to challenging myself but also the invaluable experiences I’ve gained along the way, instilling within me a deep sense of confidence and motivation to continue striving for excellence.


Programing Language

Expertise in Python, Java, React Js C++, HTML and CSS. Have built up academic and personal projects using these languages.

Cloud Computing

Skills and knowledge of AWS S3, Lamda, Glue Studio and Redshift.

Data Engineering

Strong skills in modelling and transforming critical pharmaceutical data. Strong knowledge of SQL, Power Query (M language) and KNIME analytical platform.


Experienced in automating data pipeline using Power Automate and Virtual Machine.

Data Analysis and Visualisation

Strong skill and experience of Tableau and Power BI to model and visualise data.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Strong understanding and skills of machine learning and have developed own machine learning project.


I wholeheartedly recommend Md Abdur Razzak for any future endeavours. His dedication, creativity, and passion for positive impact make him an asset to any project. Abdur’s leadership skills, combined with his ability to foster collaboration and deliver exceptional results, set him apart. I am confident that he will continue to excel in any professional setting and contribute significantly to the success of any team or project he undertakes.

Simona janssen

He came up with exceptional and important ideas and productive analysis while developing our pitch for the “QI digital” competition arranged by Brunel University and Co-innovatives. Throughout the competition I found him very friendly, professional, energetic, and active person.

Overall, he had a great contribution towards our winning.I would love to work with him again

Laslie Hans

I had the pleasure of being Abdur’s mentor during the Lilly UK 6 Month Challenge 2023. In the preparatory sessions, he was a team player and helped drive the group forward. In addition, Abdur’s presentation about his group’s business solution was clear, enthusiastic and informative. This was reflected in the results, where the group came second! Congratulations!

Joseph Berhane

Md Abdur Razzak is a highly skilled, hard-working person who is able to take on any challenge with ease. He is a great team player and not only contributes to his team’s success. I have had the pleasure of working with him for several years and can attest to his dedication and expertise in the field of public speaking and debating. His contributions have been invaluable to our team. In addition to being a great colleague.

Md hasnain ali

Contact me

I am Abdur Razzak, the Founder of NutriLife. Currently studying Computer Science (AI) at Brunel University and working at Eli Lilly and Company as a Data Engineer.